About Us

Chesterfield Theatre Friends (CTF) formed in November 2007. Our primary goal is to 'preserve, promote and protect the future of live theatre' in Chesterfield. Over the last six years, we have been active in a number of areas. These include:

  • general fundraising to improve facilities in the auditorium, bar, and backstage;
  • organising, cataloguing and recording theatre memorabilia on route to a web-based theatre archive;
  • working with local partners (such as Chesterfield Sewing Club) to support productions presented by the Pomegranate Youth Theatre;
  • promoting our own concerts, fashion shows and other theatrical events;
  • promoting the content of the theatre archive through displays and talks;
  • running a Thursday morning series of talks ('In Conversation') covering topics of general interest and topics connected with theatre performance and theatre history.

In partnership with fwd:motionCTF is developing a website. It will be evolutionary in reflecting the changing activities of the group and the developing nature of the theatre archive (see below).   

The Pomegranate Archive Group is a sub-group of CTF. We are interested in the history of theatre in Chesterfield, more particularly the history of the Pomegranate Theatre. We have saved and organised a large collection of theatre memorabilia (the Pomegranate Theatre Archive {PTA}). We are cataloguing all archive material of significance and we are seeking to place that material in the context of theatre history in general. We have increased the archive by collecting oral and written memories from actors, community performers, members of staff and theatregoers. This has provided a store of oral recordings and written statements. This work is ongoing and we hope to include these memories on this website. We use archive material in talks about the theatre and its history. In addition, from time to time, we display in the bar features of the archive as they relate to specific plays and productions.  

We are a small group with a lot of work to do. Please join us if you can. We are always interested to receive donations of theatre materials related to the Pomegranate. We can copy items if you wish to retain them. 

For details on how to join either group, see the 'Join Us' section.