Karen Henson

Time in Chesterfield: 1986 to date

Productions in Chesterfield:
Karen Henson has been a key part of many productions at the Pomegranate Theatre. Most production titles listed have been appended to show whether she was an actor (A) or the director (D).
The Red Room (A)
The Scandal of the Scarlet Woman (D) & (A)
Treasure Island (D)
Sleuth (D)
Not About Heroes (D)
Veronica's Room (D)
Someone who'll watch over me (D)
Decadence (D)
Bedroom Farce (D)
Two (D)
Love Letters (D)
Tomfoolery (D)
Trust and Madness (D)
A Midsummer Night's Dream (D)
Things We Do For Love (D)
Single Spies, An Englishman Abroad, A Question of Attribution (D)
Dug Out, Don't E Know it's 'er Birthday, Indian Summer (D)
Blue Rembered Hills (D)
The Final Twist (D)
School Dinners (D)
Macbeth (D)
The Mating Game (D) & (A)
The Loves of Anatol (D)
The Caretaker (D)
One Fling After Another (D)
The Turn of the Screw (D)
Cleo, Camping, Emmanuelle and Dick (D)
The Picture of Dorian Gray (D)
Wyrd Sisters (D)
Mort (D)
Blue Orange (D)
Elsie and Norm's Macbeth (D)
A Bit Between the Teeth (D)
Lords and Ladies (D)
Run For Your Wife (D)
Relatively Speaking (D)
Caught in the Net (D)
Taking Steps (D)
Wife Begins at 40 (D)
Dirty Dusting (D)
Travels with My Aunt (D)
Funny Money (D)
Raining Men (D)
Neville's Island (D)
A Life in the Theatre (D)
The Turn of the Screw (D)
Captain Murderer (D)
One for the Road (D)
Stage Struck (D)
The Haunted Doll's House (D)
Bedside Manners (D)
Sign of the Times (D)
Look Who's Talking (D)
Legally Blonde (D)
Two and Two Make Sex (D)
Dial M for Murder (D)
The Ghost's Touch (A)
Aladdin (A)
The Linden Tree (A)
Hay Fever (A)
Duet for Two Hands (A)
Mr Fothergill's Murder (A)
Move Over Mrs Markham (A)
Murderer (A)
Fur Coat and No Knickers (A)
The Accrington Pals (A)
Macbeth (A)
Murder Without Crime (A)
There's a Girl in My Soup (A)
My Giddy Aunt (A)
All Things Bright and Beautiful (A)
Scales of Justice (A)
Double Cut (A)
Fatal Attraction (A)
Blithe Spirit (A)
The Unexpected Guest (A)
Middle Age Spread (A)
Don't Just Lie There (A)
No More Sitting on the Old School Bench (A)
Murder on the Nile (A)
The Liver Birds (A)
Verdict (A)
Abigail's Party (A)
Suddenly at Home (A)
The Ghost Train (A)
Educating Rita (A)
Joking Apart (A)
Murder Assured (A)
No Sex Please - We're British (A)
Murder with Love (A)
Marriage-Go-Round (A)
The Fancy Man (A)
Fatal Attraction (A)
Absent Friends (A)
A Touch of Danger (A)
Peril At End House (A)
How The Other Half Loves (A)
Death And the Maiden (A)
Happy Families (A)
Just Between Ourselves (A)
They're Playing Our Song (A)
Last of the Red Hot Lovers (A)
Harvey (A)
Ghosts (A)
The Fancy Man (A)
Live Bed Show (A)
Sailor Beware (A)
Pack of Lies (A)
Night Must Fall (A)
The Killing of Sister George (A)
Kiss Me Goodnight Sergeant Major (A)
Away from it All (A)
Woman in Mind (A)
Gasping (A)
Live Bed Show (A)
The Blue Room (A)
Like A Virgin (A)
New Playwrights' Festival 2003 (A)
Chesterfield Tales (A)
Life X3 (A)
Table Manners (A)
Hen Party Night (A)
Jumpers (A)
The Unexpected Man (A)
Carry on Coward (A)
Snake in the Grass (A)
The Deep Blue Sea (A)
Dead Certain (A)
Bell, Book & Candle (A)
The Graduate (A)
Nasty Neighbours (A)
Alfie (A)
Deathtrap (A)
Shirley Valentine (A)
Accidental Death of an Anarchist (A)
Night Must Fall (A)
Gaslight (A)
Noises Off (A)
Old Times (A)
Frozen (A)
The Diary of Anne Frank (A)
Equus (A)
Entertaining Mr Sloane (A)
Annie (A)
Shock! (A)
Parlour Song (A)
Father Brown - The Curse of the Invisible Man (A)
Changing Rooms (A)
Double Double (D)
Weekend Breaks (A)
The Signalman (D)

Links to Chesterfield: Co-founder of TABS productions with Adrian Lloyd-James in 1989. She continues to run the production company today. TABS took over the Colin McIntyre season in 2011 after his death. Karen is married to actor and RUMPUS Theatre Company founder John Goodrum.