The Shop at Sly Corner

Year: 1973

Start Date: 13 March

End Date: 24 March

Production Company: Chesterfield Civic Theatre Ltd



Author: Edward Percy

Director: Colin McIntyre


Geoffrey Reed Hugh Janes Ann Bradley Pamela Jenkins Jean Fergusson Frances Cox

Recurring Cast:

Hugh Janes Jean Fergusson Colin McIntyre Geoffrey Reed

Background to Production:

Presented here on two previous occasions, week of 16th Feb 1953 and 19th Oct. 1964. Both cast lists given (1964 includes Jon Finch)

Items of Interest in the Programme:

From Manager’s Office (Derek Coleman) talks about Jon Finch’s role in the 1964 production, and while the present Company were in rehearsal, two films starring Jon Finch were on in local cinemas.

Other items / issues of interest:

No Information Available

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