Terms & Conditions

Chesterfield Theatre Friends meet monthly at the Pomegranate Theatre to discuss Finance, Archives, and Fundraising. The Arts and Venues Manager attends in order to give a report on the Theatres. Potential new members are welcome to attend.



The group shall be called the ‘Chesterfield Theatre Friends’. 

2. AIM

  • The aim of the organisation is to work solely or work with partners to develop and maintain the Theatre in Chesterfield

To preserve, promote and protect the future of Chesterfield Theatre, the Management Committee will work to achieve the aim by:

  • Helping inform the local community about issues / events in the Theatre
  • Active involvement in the organisation, running and/or assistance in fundraising events.
  • Obtaining funding to aid implementation of supplementary work.
  • Positively promoting the Theatre through publicity, newsletters and lectures etc                                                                                                               


Membership of the group is open to everyone who has an interest in the Theatre and a representative of any interested business partner that supports the aims and objectives of the organisation. The committee may terminate any membership of any member bringing the group into disrepute. The member concerned shall have the right to be heard by the committee before any final decision is made.


  • The Chesterfield Theatre Friends Management Committee shall meet at least four times a year
  • The Chesterfield Theatre Friends shall hold an Annual General meeting (AGM) in January annually, or not more than fifteen months after holding the preceding AGM. The Secretary shall give at least fourteen days notice of the date, time and place of the AGM. With the notice of the meeting, the Secretary shall circulate the agenda of the business to be discussed at the meeting. Notice of Business, Alteration to Rules and Nominations of Officers shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the meeting so that it can be included on the agenda of the AGM.
  • The Secretary, upon receiving a written request from at least six members stating the object of the meeting, may call an Extraordinary Meeting. The Notice of the proposed Extraordinary Meeting shall give details of the business to be discussed and no other business shall be discussed at the Extraordinary Meeting.
  • All members will be able to vote at meetings.
  • Votes shall only be recorded by persons present at the meetings. A simple majority of those present and voting is required to carry a motion.
  • In the event of an even vote the Chair is entitled to one extra casting vote.
  • Any sub-committees or sub-groups that are formed will not enter into legal or financial commitments without the authority of the full committee.


  • The Management Committee shall be made up of a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, elected annually, plus a minimum of six elected at the Annual General Meeting.
  • No business shall be conducted at any meeting unless a quorum of members is present.
  • A quorum shall be four members.
  • If there is not a quorum for the meeting, the Chair shall either:

a) Fix a time and place for the adjourned meeting to take place.

b) Continue with an informal meeting, i.e. no official business to be voted upon.

  • Members of the Chesterfield Theatre Friends who are not on the Management Committee can attend open meetings.
  • The Management Committee can nominate members of the Chesterfield Theatre Friends onto the Management Committee after a period of time when they have shown positive commitment to the group.
  • Co-opting people for specialist reasons on a temporary basis will be permitted based on a nomination and a majority vote


  •  To raise funds from trusts, grant-making authorities, public donations, subscription or any other lawful means.
  • To employ and pay any person or persons to carry out work of the group where necessary.
  • To affiliate to any group, association or society that is appropriate to the aims and objectives, and to disaffiliate from such an organisation if appropriate.
  • To do any lawful things to achieve the aims. 


All funds will be used to further the aims of the group. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the accurate record of accounts and their presentation at the Annual General Meeting. An account at a building Society or Bank will be operated in the name of the organisation. All cheques and withdrawals will require 2 of the 3 authorised signatories, none of whom will be related or live at the same address.

No funds will be retained by the members.


The Group may dissolve following the consent of two thirds of the membership present and voting at a Special General Meeting. Any remaining funds shall be either returned to the fund givers or distributed among groups pursuing similar aims in the local area.


Any alterations to this Constitution can only be made by a resolution passed by two thirds of members present and voting at an Extraordinary Meeting or AGM. The Notice of the meeting must include the proposed resolution. The "Name", "Aims", Dissolution" and "Alterations" paragraphs cannot be changed.